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How Seth Nizami turned empty success into fulfilled success

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I had 21,000 contacts on my phone, and barely knew ten of the people.” These were the words of Seth Nizami at a pivotal moment in his life. He had already achieved incredible levels of success at a young age, but he realized in this moment that something had to change if he was going to live a life that was not only successful but fulfilling.

Seth’s journey to success is not like most people who don’t seem to connect the dots until the later years of their lives. By his 20’s, Seth was one of the top promoters in California. This line of work introduced him to countless individuals, filled his phone with contacts and reaped financial rewards for him as well. Around the same time, Seth also found success with his marketing agency that is still growing to this day. It was when the world shut down in March of 2020, however, that Seth began to realize he was much more lonely than he would have liked to be. To combat this, Seth threw himself into personal development and cryptocurrency in an effort to make a change in his life.

Learning from leaders like Tim Storey, John Maxwell and Patrick Bet-David, Seth began to develop a mindset that was healthier and more improved. He entered the cryptocurrency space, and in only 6 months he turned $40 into $1,000,000. While success like this could make many people spiral even more, Seth was clear that he wanted to now turn around and help others find success as well. In the areas of both personal development and cryptocurrency, the information Seth gives people for free is a testament to the new mindset and life shifts he made.

If you are interested in connecting with Seth, follow him on Instagram: @SethANizami

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