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Apostle Chibuzor Of OPM Says:If Aguba Rejects Gift Chineye There Is Nothing Else He Can do.

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OPM Apostle Chibuzor,

“His life was disorganised.What I want to do is to rearrange his life,to help him achieve all the things he couldn’t all this years in Nollywood,I want to help him archive it.

He has no wife, no children. Now I have to call all the widows under my care who I gave free houses and scholarship to their children but none agreed to marry him except only one woman who accepted.Others said the man is too old.

She accepted to stay with him and the said they can open business and run it together and have kids too,

But he’s saying he doesn’t want that. So,I want the whole world to see that what I promised, I even went ahead to do more.

  1. I gave him full furnished apartment
  2. A wife,i will pay the bride price and will do the whole wedding, i will invite the actors in Nollywood, it’s going to be a big wedding.
  3. Start a business for them.
  4. Since he’s a comedian, I will assist him in getting some actors, do a movie and make him the prime actor of the movie. That will make him go back to Nollywood again.

But if he doesn’t accept this, then there is nothing else I can do. I will just give you people transport to take him back to where you pick him up from.

He said, he wants to marry a virgin from Israel…

I’m going to bring a doctor. He will rehabilitate his brain because poverty can make somebody run mad. And also, during the process of rehabilitation, we’ll be praying for him”.

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